Body Design Rx Lite Review

Looking to build more lean muscle mass?

Body Design Rx Lite is the ultimate antioxidant formula meant to strengthen your immune system and give you all that you are looking for.

They claim that Body Design Rx Lite will finally help you to actively speed up recovery from workouts, and you will get 30g of protein, 9g of carbs, which is actually quite high, and you will get moreover the best way to shape up.

They talk about only the highest quality proteins and other ingredients. But does Body Design Rx Lite actually work?

About Body Design Rx Lite

Body Design Rx Lite does have a considerable amount of protein. 30g can easily beat out the average competitor. When you go above about 26g, you have to debate what you are actually getting in quality with protein. In this case, there are certain types of whey protein that are better than others, that are more easily absorbed, gentler on the stomach, etc, and they don’t actually have them.

They only have the bottom of the barrel proteins. Moreover, the simple fact is that Body Design Rx Lite does not actually have any other valid ingredients that can show results. They in fact just have that one ingredient. They have a high number of carbs, meaning that it will end up contributing more calories while interfering with your body’s natural absorption of protein.


Body Design Rx Lite does not have what you would hope for. With Body Design Rx Lite, you do not get the high quality ingredients they promise, and they use more ingredients that ultimately speaking interfere with results than anything else. We would definitely recommend that you effectively speaking look into other options.

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Body Design Rx Lite User Reviews

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