BNRG Power Crunch Bar Review

From an early age, we’re taught to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, in the fast-paced world of today, it can be hard to find time to eat well.

Luckily, nutrition companies have been discovering healthy alternatives that can be eaten on-the-go, such as the BNRG Power Crunch Bar.

Created to give active people a healthy and energy-promoting snack that they can eat at anytime during the day, the Power Crunch Bar is actually a wafer-like cookie that can be found in a number of different flavors.

More portable than Myotein or other protein powder shakes, the BNRG Power Crunch Bar is supposedly great for people on the go.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the perks and shortcomings that this product contains as we help you to determine its true value.

What It Does Well

As we’ve hinted above, the Power Crunch Bar is a convenient option to consider. Where many protein and nutritional supplements come with the hassle of having to follow strict usage guidelines, the Power Crunch Bar is nothing more than a snack that can be taken at anytime during the day.

In other words, the convenient nature of this product is the greatest gift it has to offer.

Another perk that the Power Crunch Bar offers is merely the fact that its one of the only cookie wafers you can eat that is actually healthy. Although this food choice is not going to top a good salad or fruit cup, it only contains 5 grams of sugar, about 8-9 grams of carbohydrates and is void of any sugar alcohols.

Further, each cookie contains 14 grams of 100% Proto Whey Protein. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of protein, Proto Whey is made up of di- and tri- peptide proteins that allow for rapid delivery and maximum absorption. Thus, each and every gram of protein found in the Power Crunch Bar is put to good use and absorbed by the body’s bloodstream rather than going to waste.

Its Shortcomings

As far as cons are concerned, the Power Crunch Bar is not the most powerful supplement that you’re going to find. If you’re looking to increase your energy performance levels by major proportions, then you’d be better suited considering a different product. Though you may have to sacrifice a bit of convenience, it may be a good idea to look into Myotein.

Also, the Power Crunch Bar may be difficult to find. Because BNRG is not a well-known and established company, don’t be surprised if your local retail store doesn’t carry this product.

If you really want to get your hands on the Power Crunch Bar, the best way to do so is by shopping online at

Is It Worth It?

In conclusion, the Power Crunch Bar by BNRG is a great option when it comes to nutritional bars. Sure, its not going to pack the same punch compared to many protein supplements and it may be a little hard to find, but its an affordable, healthy and effective alternative that you won’t regret spending your money on.

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