Big Blend Review

Committing to get into shape is always something that is easier said than done. Luckily, there are plenty of resources that can help you along the way to becoming a lean, green fighting machine including the use of supplements.

As with many other consumer products, you will always have the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to supplements.

In this review, we’re going to analyze a protein supplement called Big Blend. Made by the nutrition company called Betancourt Nutrition, Big Blend is just the latest in a string of muscle-building supplements to hit the market.

Has Betancourt Nutrition hit a home run with Big Blend, or have they whiffed on three straight strikes? You’re about to find out…

What Its Designed to Do

Much like any other protein supplement, Big Blend is stuffed full of various amino acids, proteins and enzymes. Each of these ingredients is designed to either indirectly or directly enhance a body’s anabolic state.

By taking Big Blend in conjunction with a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise, Betancourt Nutrition belies that their creation will give users the extra push they need to increase their muscle endurance, strength, size, and ultimately, performance levels.

The Ingredients

Speaking of the amino acids, proteins and enzymes found in Big Blend, there are actually 22 of these muscle-building ingredients found in this product’s blend.

Each category of ingredients has a distinct role that they perform to ensure that the body is getting all it needs to build muscle. The amino acids act as the building blocks for protein, the protein targets and feeds muscle fibers and the enzymes act to increase the body’s digestive rate.

Here are a few of the key ingredients found in Big Blend, including:

Whey Protein – Listed as the main ingredient found in Big Blend, whey is actually derived from cheese and comes in several forms including concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. This protein is packed with amino acids, making it the perfect muscle-building ingredient.

Casein Protein – Casein, unlike many other protein forms, is considered a slow-absorbing protein. Although this means that it won’t start working right away after being ingested into a body, casein’s effects are longer lasting and more complete compared to its fast-acting counterparts. Some protein supplements include a mixture of slow- and fast- acting proteins to give users both short- and long-term energy.

L-Lysine – Considered an essential amino acid that a body needs to survive and function properly, L-Lysine cannot be generated by the body and must be obtained by food or supplement consumption. Many of its abilities deal with the growth of the body and include calcium absorption, the conversion of fatty acids into energy, the lowering of cholesterol and more. A lack of L-Lysine can cause serious health problems including anemia, stunted growth and reproductive issues.

Brown Rice Bran – One of the enzymes found in Big Blend, this ingredient has the unique ability to speed up the digestive process in the digestive tract. This enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the amino acids and proteins found in Big Blend, and thus, makes this protein supplement that much more potent.

Other Tidbits

As for its price, you can purchase Big Blend online for as low as $32.99 for a 35-servings tub, or $51.99 for a 60-servings tub….which is quite reasonable when compared to other protein supplements.

Lastly, Big Blend comes in four different flavors including Choco Latte, French Vanilla, White Chocolate and Vanilla Cappuccino.

What This All Means

As you can tell, Big Blend has a very sound blend of ingredients that adds up to 32,000 mg per serving. In addition, it is also low in carbs and fat, and contains no sugar.

In conclusion, we don’t see a problem with recommending Big Blend to those of you who are interested in boosting your athletic abilities and gaining muscle. As long as this protein supplement is taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and consistent exercise, it can go a long way in supporting a fit lifestyle.

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