Mind-Blowing Benefits of Colostrum


Most bodybuilders turn to protein sources such as whey or casein or even soy to give their body the building blocks for creating bigger, stronger, muscles.

Top it off with a supplement that offers amino acids and even testosterone boosting ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for rock hard muscle mass.
However, if you’re looking to get serious muscle building results, then you might want to turn to colostrum.

Both clinical and anecdotal evidence has shown that colostrum may be the most powerful natural substance for building muscle – without relying on dangerous (not to mention illegal) steroids.

In an article featured by Iron Man Magazine, the IGF-1 found in colostrum, “has a strikingly more anabolic effect than any known compound, even steroids.”

Sounds intriguing? It gets better.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is nutrient-rich “first milk” produced by a mother just after giving birth. It’s packed with vital proteins, antibodies, antioxidants, immunoglobulins, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc. that will nourish the baby during its first few days of life.

Bovine and human milk share many of the same qualities, but according to Steve schwade, Associate Editor of Muscle & Fitness, “Bovine colostrum has a higher concentration of IGF-1 than human colostrum, and its structure is virtually identical. Human IGF-1 and Bovine IGF-1 differ by only three amino acids in the 67 amino acid chain.”

He goes on to say that because of this similarity, “Bovine IGF-1 is just as potent as the human form.”

The Importance of IGF-1:

While many of the other nutrients found in colostrum are important for building bigger stronger muscles, IGF-1 is particularly important due to the fact that this highly anabolic hormone can increases the amino acid transport to muscle tissue while stimulating protein synthesis and decrease protein degradation.

Additionally, IFG-1 plays a key role in the production of HGH, a hormone that has proven to fight signs of age and prevent the loss of lean muscle mass.

How Can Colostrum Help You?

When you take supplements such as Myotein, you’re giving your body a potent blend of anabolic peptide growth factors, so you can see even greater results than ever before (You can learn more about Myotein here).

In a study conducted by Jose Antonia, PhD and researcher at University of Delaware, individuals who supplemented with bovine colostrum experienced a significant increase in lean muscle mass. “We found that lean body mass improved significantly – by 3 to 4 pounds.”

In a different study conducted by Sports Science Laboratory, subjects were divided into two groups – one received bovine colostrum and the other a form of whey protein. Each participant was required to train with heavy resistance at least three times a week.

The results?

Both groups showed an increase in body weight, but the colostrum group showed a greater increase in bone-free lean body mass than the placebo group.

What Else You Should Know

Unlike other bodybuilding ingredients, Colostrum is completely safe for regular use and most people don’t experience any side effects while taking the supplement (though in a few rare cases of HIV patients there has been mild nausea and vomiting).

However, if you’re allergic to cow’s milk or milk products, then you may be allergic to colostrum as well, so you may want to just stick with the soy protein instead.

Other than that – Colostrum is definitely a good ingredient to watch out for the next time you’re in the market for a bodybuilding supplement.

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