Arnold Iron Whey Review

Arnold Iron Whey

Arnold Schwarzenegger is partnering with MusclePharm to release a new line of supplements: the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series.

This line of supplements is designed to help athletes grow muscles so they can be as legendary as Arnold. One of the products in this new line is Iron Whey, which is a whey protein powder.

Arnold is an icon; if you look at photos of him at the height of his bodybuilding career, you can’t help but be impressed.

To find out if his products live up to his reputation, let’s take a closer look at the formula and the price.

Inside the Formula

Even though this product is created and endorsed by Arnold, it deserves a closer look to see if the ingredients deliver.

Whey Protein Matrix

Although it doesn’t say on the nutrition facts label, each 32.4 gram scoop of Iron Whey is supposed to contain 22 grams protein. There are three protein types in the blend: whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.

Concentrate has the most whole proteins and delivers sustained energy, but it is the hardest to digest. Hydrolysate proteins are processed into peptides for quick bursts of energy, and they are easiest to digest. Isolate lies in the middle. Together they provide energy throughout your workout and afterward. [1]

Amino Matrix

Free amino acids are included as residue from the proteins. The main amino acids in the blend are glycine, taurine, and glutamine. They all convert to energy and contribute to muscle mass gains. [2][3][4]


Branched chain amino acids are scientifically proven to prevent muscle breakdown and build muscle mass during exercise. [5]

The typical BCAA ratio is 2:1:1, leucine: isoleucine: valine. In Arnold Iron Mass, the ratio is 3:1:2, a patent pending ratio. [6]

Is Arnold Iron Whey A Good Buy?

Arnold Iron Whey is available from and for $48 and $55 respectively for a 5-pound tub.

With Arnold Iron Whey’s emphasis on quality over bargain, this seems like a simple case of one’s priorities. If you’re looking for a product with higher quality ingredients, Arnold Iron Whey is a good option.

The combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger and MusclePharm makes an impressive team. They both have major credibility in the bodybuilding world. I anticipate this product will be incredibly popular, but I recommend waiting until customers start logging results before purchasing Arnold Iron Whey.


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