Animal Max Review

Protein powder supplementation can help you to increase muscle strength and stamina, as well as give you greater cuts.

One product that asserts that it will help you do this is Animal Max. Created by Universal Health, the manufacturers say that Animal Max is a protein supplement that will help you to achieve better benefits than ever before.

They advertise that Animal Max will finally give you 30g of the finest proteins available, and Animal Max will give you powerful peptides, albumin, hydrosalates, and various other components in general.

They also assert that it is nitrogen balanced, and this protein formula will finally help you to get the ideal protein supplement for greater results in general.

If this is true, then it would surely upset products like Myotein from their top product positions.

But the question is, does Animal Max actually work?

About Animal Max

Animal Max has some good ingredients. It has some potentially powerful amino acids as well as creatine. Creatine has been known to help you to provide extra energy to the muscles and help to increase the lifting power that you get with each rep. Also, this ingredient is included in order to help increase anabolic effect.

Basically, the anabolic effect is created by nitric oxide, which many protein supplements utilize in order to increase energy and lift.

However, there is nothing nitrogen balanced about Animal Max’s inclusion of creatine. To produce more nitric oxide, you have to have highly specific ingredients, such as citrulline malate for example, which they do not have.

It also uses few amino acids. Animal Max’s manufacturers have included ingredients that end up using about 1.5g of amino acids.

The manufacturers have listed about 30g of protein per serving on their label, but it must be very diluted and low quality to say the least. The best supplements have 24-26g of high quality protein that are not used in this product.

What is good is that they have included glutamine and taurine among their amino acids, which are two of the most effective amino acids for building muscle.

Consumer Reviews

In spite of the lack of high levels of good ingredients, consumers seem to have found some results with this product. Many also mentioned that it had a good taste and still does not include a lot of sugars or fats that are sometimes seen in other types of products.

However, the fact that the ingredients are included in this product in a proprietary blend gave some cause for concern for certain consumers.


We would definitely recommend finding something other than Animal Max. Animal Max does not help you to lose weight, and it does not help you to achieve any other results in general.

Animal Max does have the right ingredients, but not necessarily in the right amounts.

More consistent and effective results are most likely to be seen with Myotein or similar products. By providing good ingredients in adequate doses, as well as a good flavor, Myotein may be one of the best supplement choices to consider.

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