Amino Fuel Review

When we saw that the protein powder Amino Fuel is supposed to supply you with more of the fundamentals of muscle, we were more interested in finding out whether Amino Fuel is the best option for increasing your protein and ultimately your lean muscle mass.

Amino Fuel is an intriguing protein powder because amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and since protein is the building block of muscle mass, it seems as though Amino Fuel could be a promising product.

Let’s take a closer look at what Amino Fuel can supposedly do before we make our final decision.

About Amino Fuel

The makers of this product claim that Amino Fuel will give you l-tryptophan and other ingredients naturally present in protein.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is found in poultry meats, especially in high amounts like turkey. Tryptophan also has the curious effect of making you feel sleepy.

This means that along with helping you build more lean muscle mass, you will also probably sleep better with Amino Fuel, although it might also make you feel too tired to have an efficient workout.

They talk about giving you 60 capsules that will give you more energy than ever before to help build muscle and maintain metabolism at the same time.

Because many people like to increase their lean muscle mass as well as reduce their fat tissue, you might want to look for one, like amino fuel, that will also help you keep a fast-running metabolism.

This TwinLab product is sold through multiple retailers all across the internet, costing about $9.99 for each bottle. Amino Fuel also comes in a liquid form, a benefit for those consumers who are not fans of taking supplements in pill form.

The distributors of Amino Fuel claim that they have all of the right ingredients; however, they don’t actually bother telling you what those ingredients are. Amino Fuel does not explicitly list any real ingredients, and it is doubtful if they even use any amino acids at all, let alone the right amounts of those ingredients.

This being said, obviously, Amino Fuel does not have what it takes to promote greater benefits and results, and it is certainly not an effective protein supplement.


There are no benefits or results commonly associated with Amino Fuel. Amino Fuel does not help you to promote any muscle building, weight loss, or other protein related benefits.

There are many protein powder products on the market that actually do have the ability to help you with your muscle gains and your physical performance, so we recommend trying something else.

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