MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein Review

Body builders are serious about building lean muscle and always search the market for the product that can give them the right amount of nutrients while able to fulfill their muscle goal.

MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein may be worth a look.

Giving you truly pure Isolate Whey protein, MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein will help you to build lean muscle, assist in weight loss, and give you the recovery you need after your workout.

The Product

MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein has been carefully filtered twice in processing to ensure the user no impurities in the protein powder.

The way it has been processed also ensures that you will get the most protein per serving when used correctly.

With each serving of MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein you will get 25 grams of protein (50% daily value), 240 milligrams of potassium (7% daily value), 80 milligrams of sodium (3% daily value) and only 1 gram of total carbohydrates.

MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein also has zero sugars per serving and will provide you with Vitamin A (8% daily value), D (20 % daily value), C (1% daily value), Calcium (25% daily value), Riboflavin (20% daily value), and Phosphorus (15% daily value).

The Pros

Unlike a lot of dietary supplements, MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein comes in a plethora of flavors sure to provide you with one or more that you will love.

Flavors are:

• Banana
• Cake Batter
• Chocolate
• Chocolate Carmel
• Chocolate Mint
• Cinnamon Bun
• Ice Cream Sandwich
• Peanut Butter
• Rocky Road
• Strawberry
• Strawberry Banana
• Unflavored
• Vanilla
• Vanilla Carmel
• Wild Berry

MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein contains less than 1 gram of lactose so it doesn’t cause a problem with lactose intolerance.

Because of its processing, MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein will mix well with your water, milk or other beverage of choice.

The Problems

Although it is roughly the same cost as others like it, MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein only comes in larger sizes, so unless you’re going to be serious about using it, you’ll be in a little bit of money.

Because it’s a pure Isolate Whey Protein supplement, MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein may not contain nutrients you’re looking for in a dietary supplement.

The Price

For the smallest container (5 pounds), MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein costs roughly $60-$70 depending on where you pick it up.

The 10 pound container of MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein will cost you between $120-$140.

MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein is also available in 15, 25 and 50 pound containers.

Our Opinion

If you’re a serious body builder who is looking for a pure Isolate Whey protein supplement, MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein would be a good fit for you.

Like many body builders, if you’ll be using it multiple times a day, you’ll get a lot for a good price. Each 5 pound container gives you 80 servings.

MGN Pure Isolate Whey Protein may not be a good fit if you’re just looking to try out a protein supplement because it only comes in larger quantities.

Overall, users are reporting that they love the taste of the many flavors and that as a pure Isolate Whey protein supplement it does what it is supposed to do.

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