interACTIVE Whey Pro XL Review

With so many protein powder supplements out there, it can become tiresome to locate the correct one, but if you’re looking for a supplement that will give your body the maximum amount of protein in each serving, interACTIVE Whey Pro XL may fit that bill.

Featuring a new nutrient, interACTIVE Whey Pro XL will aid you in gaining lean muscle while allowing you to lose weight at the same time.

interACTIVE Whey Pro XL Specifications

In each serving of interACTIVE Whey Pro XL, you will get 24 grams of protein, 60 milligrams of cholesterol, 240 milligrams of potassium, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 45 milligrams of sodium in just 130 calories.

interACTIVE Whey Pro XL features other active ingredients that help it to be unique.

These ingredients are:

• Inulin
• Aminozyme
• Bioperine

What We Like about interACTIVE Whey Pro XL

Built with the new nutrient Maximum Result Matrix, interACTIVE Whey Pro XL will give your body the maximum amount of protein it needs from each serving.

interACTIVE Whey Pro XL has additional benefits you may not find in another similar protein powder supplement.

Additional benefits are:

• Helps to preserve health as a person ages.
• Stimulates both an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat.
• Helps the body to maintain antioxidant levels.

interACTIVE Whey Pro XL comes in four different flavors to give the serious body-builder using it multiple times a day a variety or to give the average user something to satisfy their taste buds.

Flavors are:

• Vanilla
• Strawberry
• Chocolate
• Cookies

interACTIVE Whey Pro XL can be used up to three times a day and not only for pre or post workouts. Those who lead an active lifestyle can use it between meals as a high protein snack or just to satisfy that sweet tooth, but as a healthier option than a candy bar.

Users have reported that interACTIVE Whey Pro XL mixes well and still tastes good even if you’re just adding it to your water and no blender is required to mix interACTIVE Whey Pro XL to your beverage of choice.

What We Dislike about interACTIVE Whey Pro XL

Compared to other protein supplements of its kind, interACTIVE Whey Pro XL looks to be more on the expensive end if you’re going to be using it multiple times a day.

interACTIVE Whey Pro XL comes in only one size container (2 pounds) and only gives the user 26 servings per container, therefore, if using it multiple times a day, you’ll go through it fairly quickly.

Overall Impression

With more pros than cons, we are confident that interACTIVE Whey Pro XL would be a good fit for your protein supplement if you’re looking for a product that will aid you in weight loss and help you gain lean muscle.

It seems the only thing to try to look past is that interACTIVE Whey Pro XL tends to be more on the pricy side if you will be using it multiple times a day.

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